Monday, February 2, 2009

The Best Vegetables to Prevent Cancer

( In order of the effectiveness)

1.Ripe sweet potatoes 熟番薯(98.7%)

2.Unripe Sweet potatoes 生番薯(94.4%)

3.Bamboo shoots 芦笋(93.7%)

4.Cabbage 卷心菜(91.4%)

5.Cauliflower 菜花(90.8%)

6.celery 西芹(83.7%)

7.Eggplant skin 茄子皮(74%)

8.Green peppers 甜椒(55.5%)

9. Carrot 胡萝卜(46.5%)

10.California bur clover 金花菜(37.6%)

11.Capsella bursa-pastoris 荠菜(35.4%)

12.Kohlrabi 苤蓝(34.7%)

13.Leaf mustard 芥菜(32.4%)

14.Ardisia Solonacea 雪里红(29.8%)

15.Tomato 番茄(29.8%)

16.Onion 大葱(16.3%)

17.Garlic 大蒜(15.5%)

18.Cucumber 黄瓜(14.3%)

19.Napa cabbage 大白菜(7.4%)

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