Sunday, September 2, 2007

How to recover from Migraine?

I have history of Migraine myself so i know how it feel. When it hit, it feels terrible.

There will be intense pain on one or both side of the head.
Migraine can be triggered by certain food, change of temperature, bright light, loud noise or under stress.

One ways to recover from migraine without medication :
i) Avoid Caffeine like coffee and tea when migraine hit.
ii) Taking a short nap under in a dark room .

For those who have frequent hit of migraine ,the following supplement will help :

1) Protein - Amino acid is required by the nervous system of the brain.

2) B-complex - It helps to increase blood flow to the brain and an essential nutrient for healthy brain.

3) Calcium Magnesium - Helps to calm the nerves.

For those who do not want to take medicine, an alternative treatment will be 5 tablets of Nutrilite Calcium Magnesium and 3 tablets of Nutrilite B-complex


LifeofEgypt said...

I have friends who that suffer from regular migraines. Some use a herb call feverfew and say it works well for them.

Kenneth said...

When using of herb , take note that not all herb can be consume for long term.
The disadventage of herb are that most herb would contain unknown substanance and too much minerals. If you consume in long term like for years, the side-effect caused by these herb are even more posionous than western medicine. (Example:Look at those who consume chinese medicine for more than 1 year, their complexion are usually dull and dark . This is a sign of posioning.)

Cristina said...

I have migraine attacks too. Once I did a 4 weeks cure with Magnesium+B6 vitamin and the migraine still attacked me.

Kenneth said...

Hi Christine,

Try to take B-complex and not just B6 alone. And you can increase the dosage of B-complex to 6-9 table a day.

Dont consume coffee, tea and eat chocolate.

You need to have patient and a 3mths full treatment is a must.

Try to bath in cold water to improve your blood circulation.

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