Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Which Brand is the Safest Health supplement?

Today, when you walk down the pharmacy and supermarket, you can find one-hundreds and one health supplement product on shelf. But which of them are effective and most important safe.

There are mainly 3 types of health supplement
1) Synthetic - man-made vitamin, extracted from Lab.
2) Natural - Not fully organic, there is still some unnatural process involve in production
3) Organic

Out of these 3 types, don't waste your money on the synthetic vitamin. Your body can only absorb 30%-60% of the vitamin value.

If you have to choose one, go for the Organic Type. You may pay slight more but they are definitely a wiser and healthier choice.

So what brand should I buy?
There are so many brand out there, which brand are the best?
If you want me to recommend, i will recommend the brand call "NUTRILITE"

If you don't know, Prior to 1934, there were no known multivitamin/multi mineral supplements. People found it difficult to know if they were getting enough nutrients in their daily diets.

Then, Carl Rehnborg, founder of the NUTRILITE brand, created his first nutrition product and became a pioneer in the history of nutrition.

They may not be the best but they are the safest.
To make process the pill, Lead is being added. The . Disadvantage of using lead is that once t lead goes into the blood, it will stay in it for at least 40 years.

NUTRILITE uses their own patented processing method - using of Corn and plants extract to harden their pills. So they are 100% safe.

You might be asking why can the other brand uses the same technology :-
1) This process is too expensive to use if the production qty is low . Nutrilite sell over 2 millions bottle a day worldwide.
2) They are patented. So there is no way other brand can copy.

Why the other brand know the harm of lead in our body and they still using it?
The main reason is that they have no Choice. They have not break-through the current technology yet. Even they found a new technology now, those process are too expensive to use at the moment.

Further more,
NUTRILITE™ is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms covering over 6,400 acres. Wherever they grow the ingredients used in NUTRILITE products, the crops are grown in accordance with nature.

They avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.
They replenish the soil, rather than depleting it.
They use natural, environmentally-friendly methods to control weeds, insects, and other harmful predators.

For further information about the product you can visit their website at http://www.nutrilite.com/

Where can you buy them?
They are not available in any supermarket or retail stores. They are marketed by some delicate distributors from the companies called Amway and Quixtar over 90 countries worldwide.



David said...

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Amanda Nelson said...


Organic supplements are safe. But how can we find that the product is organic?

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