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Nutrition for Pregnancy

Nutrition is very important during pregnancy.
If you know how to take care of it, you will not only experience a smoother and more comfortable process but also you will have a healthy and beautiful baby.

The complexion, health and the build of your children depend on how you take care of your body during pregnancy. They will program their DNA according to the nutrient you take in. In another word, your baby will be small and weak if you are lack of nutrient because your body will create a baby that can live in your living environment and condition. So if you want your baby to look pretty or handsome when they grow up, take good care of your body at least the last 6 months of your pregnancy.

Also if you take care of yourself during pregnancy, your baby will be easier to take care. They will not scream and cry for no reason especially middle of the night. I have personally experience this with my friend's baby. His wife has been eating well during pregnancy, their baby look great, very beautiful skin and most important it will not cry during middle of the night for no reason.

Most women during pregnancy will experience loss of appetite and vomiting.
This is pretty common but it can be prevent or reduce if you know what cause it.
Because during pregnancy, the body will start to accumulate toxic and if your body cannot detox fully, the mother will start to detox through vomiting.

What should you do?
1) Reduce the toxic intake - avoid smoking, alcohol, deep fried & oily food, process food and "Junk" food.
2) Strengthen and lessen the load for your Liver - Vitamins like B-complex, C Bioflavonois and Garlic & Licorice are important.
3) Help your liver to repair better - Protein and adequate Sleep are important.
4) Drink at least 8 glass of water a day.

A lot of mother like to eat sour stuff so they will not vomit. One piece of advise, please avoid all these preserved sour "junk" food. They are not healthy for the baby. If you really have to vomit, let it be. Your body is helping you, they are trying to detox so you will not be keeping to much toxic in the body.

Food to avoid during pregnancy :
1) "Junk" food like tibits, process food, fried and oily food
2) Crab
3) Turtle
4) Haw
5) Black Fungi
6) Almond
7) Longan ( Both Fresh and Dried ones)
8) Spices

Food that are good :
1) Fresh milk
2) Egg
3) Animal liver ( not too much)
4) Lean Meat
5) Fish
6) Bean Products like ( Tofu, soya bean)
7) Fresh Fruits and Vegetable
There is 3 stages in pregnancy :-
1) Early Stage (1st -3rd mth)
2) Mid Stage (4-6th mth)
3) Final Stage (7 - 10th mth)
At different stage, your body will require a different level of nutrition.

Early Stage
During this stage, you will need nutrient that are good for the DNA & Brain development of the baby.
Supplement like Protein , Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C & Bioflavonois, Calcium Magnesium, Iron-folic are important.

Avoid eating to 100% full during pregnancy , this will increase the load of your digestive system especially the liver. I would suggest eat less and more meal. 60% - 70% full is a good guideline.

Mid Stage
This is a very important stage, the development of the baby is the fastest. The bones and many part of the baby start to form and develop.
All the supplement mention above is a MUST. On top of that, please include Beta-Carotene.
Protein, Vitamin B-complex and Calcium Magnesium 's dosage should also increase.

During this stage, avoid eating hot spicy food and drinking alcohol & thick tea. Drink more water.

Final Stage
Make sure you have enough Iron and Vitamin C in your body to prepare for after birth as you will experience a loss of blood.

Before delivering
people with little water in their water bag can drink 1.5 - 2 Litres of Water 2 Hours before giving birth.
You need to maintain a good level of energy. If the mother is too nervous to eat anything, Chocolate is a great choice of food. It not only can calm the nerves down but also a great source of energy.
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I hope these information are helpful, i will follow-up with an article on "Nutrition for Women After Giving Birth" soon. Stay tune.
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