Thursday, August 2, 2007

How to recover from insomnia?

There are many factors which a person can't sleep at night (insomnia) - Stress, depression, worry, illness, pollution, age, nutrition, over-weight, etc...

And this is very common for females and working adults. I would like to share with all readers something i feel very very useful and it help me sleep better at night too.

1) Stop eating anything 4hr before sleeping

2) Don't drink a huge glass of water before sleeping, if need, half a glass is better.

3) Drink a cup of milk if you want.

4) Take 4 tablets or Vitamin B complex and 6 tablets of Calcium Magnesium. And go to sleep immediately and you will have a good sleep till morning. Note: : Pls do not still walk around, do your work or watch TV after taking it, you will find yourself very very energetic after 30 mins if you don't sleep.

Note: Avoid using Sleeping Pill, it does more harm to your body. Although you can sleep after taking it, but your body cannot fully repair the damaged cell. So it is BAD....


B-complex - Helps to promote restful state and good for relieving stress. Reduce anxiety and has calming effect. Enhances deep sleep.

Calcium Magnesium - Have a calming effect. Magnesium needed to balance with calcium and relax the muscles.

Recommended ebook

How to Beat Insomnia
The Secrets of a good night sleep Revealed!

Whatever i am recommending, i am using the Nurtilite Brand only. And if you have any medical problem/history, please consult your doctor first.

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