Monday, August 27, 2007

Not all Salmon Omega3 are safe to consume

Salmon Omega3 is one great products.
They are good for people suffering from :-
1) Hypertension
2) Heart Problem
3) Diabetes
4) Sweaty palm
5) Coldness in hands and feet.
6) Anaemia

There are a lot of different brands in the market but not all of them are safe to consume. There was a research and testing done in Hong Kong, the result show that there is more than 80% of the Salmon Omega3 which are not pure Salmon Omega and some of them are not safe to consume.

The best Salmon are being harvested in Europe. And because to control the balance of the habitat and the pollution done by the fishing boat, the country has controlled when and who to fish. There are only a few companies license to fish these Salmon.

Because the amount of salmon are limited, many company outside cannot afford to use 100% pure Salmon Omega3, they will mix it with Soya Omega3.

One very important information on Salmon Omega3 is that they can be oxidised easily. So during the manufacturing process, if it is not taken care properly, the omega3 can be damage. And an oxidised Omega3 has no nutrition value and it may even cause Cancers.

You will find some brands are very much cheaper than others, don't be fool by this as i am quite sure that the quality of the product is a question mark.

Don't save this kind of money, buy from well-known brands such as " " Nutrilite."
Don't take risk on your health, if not it will cost you even more.

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Josiah Friberg said...

Thanks for your insightful posting about salmon. I didn't know the best salmon came from Europe. I would like to add that people should avoid "farm-raised" fish such as salmon because they are often fed unhealthy food that later affects human's health. Thanks, Josiah Friberg, the Naked Nutrition Knight

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