Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nutrition For Office Execuitve

Office Executive usually have to stare at the computer for more than 4 hours a day.
Therefore eye care is very important for these people. If the person is lack of water and vitamin, it will affect the health of the eye and the will reduce the body resistance to radiation produced by the computer.

Rest your eye for at least 10min for every 1 hour staring at the computer..

For Food Wise :-

Have a good breakfast , have an eggs and a glass of fresh milk every morning.
A good breakfast will give you the energy all day.

During lunch time, take high protein but less fat and carbohydrate meal.
Food like lean meat. lamb, beef, chicken, duck, animal intestine, fish and beans are good food for lunch.

Take a light dinner. Focus on vitamin and minerals rich food like fruits and vegetable.
Reduce the intake of fats and protein rich food.

Also increase your intake of Vitamin A in your diet. Some of the good source are from carrots, milk, green leafy vegetable, egg yolk.

For supplement,
Beta Carotene is a better source compare to just pure vitamin A . Because too much vitamin A can cause Blood poisoning. Beta Carotene will convert to Vitamin A whenever the body need it. Therefore it is a wiser choice.

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