Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ten (10) Foods that Elderly must try to avoid

1) Deep Fried Food
Old people do not have a very good digestive system and deep fried food is hard to digest. The energy level in deep fried food is also very high as a result, it can caused obesity for old people do not have very high metabolism . It can also affect the brain and bone development and will increase the risk of Cancer.

2) Grilled Food
Elderly usually do not have a very strong immune system and in process of cooking , it produces substance that increase the risk of cancer and this is especially not healthy for elderly.

3) Processed Food
Proceed food may taste nice but its vitamins value is not very high. Long Term eating these range of food may caused intestine problem for elderly.

4) Soya Soy
Too much of soya soy is not healthy for the arteries and vein of the heart.

5) Icy Drink
Icy drink will slow down the production of enzyme in the stomach. As a result, it increase the risk of stomach related problem for elderly. Elderly should avoid these at all cost.

6) Sweet Stuff
This is pretty obvious. Sugar will increase the risk of getting heart related problem like hypertension and diabetes.

7) Animal Intestine
These food are usually high in cholesterol. They are especially harmful for elderly who is already suffering from heart - Atherosclerosis , hypertension, diabetes and heart attack.

8) Animal Blood
These are very good food for elderly but they cannot eat too often. once or twice a week is more than enough because these food contain high cholesterol.

9) Convenience food
These are food like cakes, instant noodles, etc. They are usually do not have much nutrition value.

10) Expired food
Elderly tend to have a tenancy to keep the food and sometime they have already expired for a few days but they will still eat it see that it is still OK. These are bad habit that they should change.


clifford said...

thank you so much, i've been looking for this

Anonymous said...

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