Sunday, January 18, 2009

7 Eating Habit to help you lose 1 kg per week

Drink a cup of coffee before breakfast
In USA, Research had proven that by during a cup of coffee 30 mins before breakfast can effectively control the appetite. It also help to increase the metabolism rate.

Increase your Calcium Intake in the Morning
Increase of 600mg of Calcium ( 300mg during Breakfast & Lunch) can help your body to increase the Metabolism rate. A study had already been done on a group of women, those who increase their calcium in their diet had 22% reduction in weight, 61% reduction in Fat.

Drink a cup of Plum Juice before going to Toliet
Plum is helpful to our body. It help our body effectively detox and assist the function of your liver.

Drink more Water

If you like to lose 2kg of your weight, the amount of water you take a day is very important. You have to drink 31.3ml of water for every kg you have. ( for a 50kg women, she have to drink 1.565 litres of water.) Water is the most basic needs to our body and help to control our body temperature. When our body temperature drop, our body will start to store up fats.

Eat some Peanut before meals

Scientists had found that those who eat peanuts before meals can lose 2 times more the weight then someone who don't. If you eat a handful of peanut everyday, you can help you to reduce up to 333 calories of intake.

Drink a spoonful of honey between /before meals
Honey can be absorbed into our bloodstream within 20mins. It can help us to reduce hunger so that we eat lesser during meals.

Drink Oolong Tea

Dring Oolong Tea can help to increase the Metabolism rate. It help our body burn fats faster and better.

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