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How to recover from High Blood Pressure?

What is high blood pressure?
High blood pressure is meant to save you.... do you know?

What doctor say?
They will say that you have to be on medication for the rest of your life?

A simple reason is that the medicine only help you to lower your pressure but it did not solve the root cause of your high blood pressure.

What cause high blood pressure?

There is two main cause of high blood pressure , one of it is :

There are more than 22 amino acid required in our body. When vitamin B6 supply is not enough in our body, there is a few amino acid be affected. They cannot break-down and form into a co-nutrients that the body can use.

With the lack of B6, the amino acid will turn into some other substance. and this substance will affect the function of pancreas.

So at first, the pancreas will produce a lot of insulin. As we know. Insulin main job is to control the blood glucose from the blood to the cell. So when there is too much Insulin, too much glucose will be used up too quickly and it will cause us to get hungry easily.

But as time pass, the ingredient used to produce the insulin will become deplete. As a result, the production of the insulin reduce causing the blood glucose to thicken. And as blood thicken, the blood flow slow down.

The other cause is :

When you are lack of Vitamin C and Calcium Magnesium. Your arteries and veins are will start to lose it's elastic and forming a 'U' shape instead of straight. This cause the blood flow to slow down.

But ...
The body will never allow the blood flow to slow down as different part of the body require the supply of fresh blood for nutrients and detox. So what the body does. It increase the blood flow.
But guess what ? what did most of us and the doctors do? We take medication to lower it.

But for most of us, we cannot don't take the medication because if we are lack of calcium-mag and vitamin C, our vein will become quite brittle and when the blood pressure rise to 180 and above. The veins might bust causing internal blooding and sometime death.

So what should we do?
For those who are under medication, pls continue as doctor instructed.

Nutrition you require :-
From Nutrilite Range :-
1) Protein - 1 scoope, 2 times /day
2) B-complex - 3 tablets, 3times/day
3) Vitamin C - 3tablets, 3times/day
4) Calcium-Mag - 2tablets, 3 times/day
5) Lecithin-E - 4tablets, 1time/day
6) Garlic & Licorice- 2tablets, 2times/day
7) Salmon Omega3 -2tables. 2times/day

8) Exercise 20 mins per day, at least 3 times per week.

After taking for a month or so and when your blood pressure remain stable, take half the medication instant of 1.
Monitor closely using the high-blood pressure device to check your blood pressure at least 3 times per day.

After a week or so and when the blood pressure remain stable. Take 1/4 of the medication only. Monitor closely.

After another week or so, when the blood pressure still remain stable. You can stop the medication given by the doctor. Monitor closely.

After 1 month and your blood pressure still remain normal.
Congratulation!!! You have gain your health Back.

You may start to cut down the amount of vitamins you take to maintain your body.

Remember, you should still do your blood pressure check regular - at least twice a day. And if anytime your blood pressure went back up, take 1/2 tablet of the doctor prescript medicine first and monitor on it.

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