Saturday, August 11, 2007

How to recover from Acne Problem?

Most people thought that the main problem of acne lies on the skin... so people can go to the extend of applying anything on their face to recover from it.

Yes. One of the causes of acne is the dirt and oil that are deposit and remain in the pore of the skin.

But for those whose acne keep on growing.... the problem is no longer just the dirt and oil on the face, it is the inside.

We have two main organs which are in-charge of detoxing - the liver and Kidney.
The liver clears the fat-soluble waste and kidney clears the water-soluble waste. But when we have a unhealthy diet , lack of exercises or sleep late often, our liver becomes weak and it cannot function properly.

When the liver cannot complete its job, the kidney will take over some of the job. But the problem is that the kidney also has it's own primary job. with two tasks now to complete at one time , it cannot finish it's job as well. So what happen?

It is like if rubbish are piled up in your house and cannot throw out of the door, what do you do? You will start to throw out of the windows. And your face is the windows.

So if you want to stop acne from growing, you need to do the following :-
1) Keep your face clean at all times.

2) Avoid using cosmetic and some skin care products especially the scrub. ( A good cleanser , toner and moisturiser should be all you need now.)

3) Avoid fast food, deep fry oily food and tibits.

4) Drink lots of water and sleep early ( Premium sleeping time is from 10pm - 2am)

5) Help your liver to function more effective. Supplement of the following will help :-
(i) Protein
(ii) B-complex
(iii) Vitamin C & Bioflavonois
(iv) Garlic & Licorice

6) To improve the complexion for fairer and clearer skin, Protein and Lecithin E are very important.
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Andy Bellatti said...

Hi Kenneth! Thanks for stopping by Small Bites. You can definitely link to my blog.

I'll be sure to stop by often and read your posts.

Thanks again!

GaryTheScubaGuy said...

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There is an zit questionnaire that is helpful in diagnosing your problem and recommending a solution.
I hope that this proves to be helpful. I think we've all been through it to some extent.

Laureen said...

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