Thursday, August 23, 2007

How to recover from Back Pain?

Back pain is a common problem for many people.

Who are more prone to Back pain?
- Working in construction or jobs that require heavy lifting , lots of bending and twisting or whole body under vibration.
- Bad standing or sitting posture
- Pregnant
- Smoking
- Lack of exercise
- Over 30 years old
- Overweight
- Suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis
- Stressed
- Depression

There are many possible causes of back pain and some of them are:
1) Osteoporosis
2) Tense muscles that remain contracted
3) Poor Alignment of the vertebrae
4) Muscles or ligaments strain/tear
5) Degeneration of the disks
6) Spinal Stenosis narrowing
7) Other medical conditions like fibromyalgia.
8) Lack of Water

Before you try the supplement, you may want to try water treatment first.
Drink 8 -10 full glass of water per day for 2 weeks and see if your back pain is caused by the lack of water in the body.

Nutrition that will helps :-

1) Protein - Needed for tissue repair

2) Multivitamin & minerals - Supply the body with a balance nutrients for formation and metabolism of bone and connection issue and healing.

3) Calcium & Magnesium - Important for strong bones structure.

4) B-complex - Needed for repair and relieve stress in the back muscles.

5) Vitamin C & Bioflavonoid - Essential for the formation of the collagen which holds the tissue together. It is also needed for repair of tissue and relieves tension in the back area.

6) Glucosamine HCI with Boswellia - An important component of many body tissues.

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