Monday, October 8, 2007

How to recover from Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem faced by many people. Today more and more people are suffering for this especially the younger people .

We have on average 100,000 hair and we drop about 10-20 per day. ( not more than 100)
If you drop more than your hair can grow back, you have a problem. You will find your hair become lesser and lesser and eventually become bald.

What cause hair loss?
1) Pollution
2) Lifestyle - food, sleep
3) Job - Stress level
4) illness
5) Medication / treatment

Let just focus on food as the rest are quite straight forward.
What food should a people suffering from hair loss avoid ?
1) Chocolate
2) Fried food
3) butter
4) white sugar
5) Salty food
These food will causes the hair to be weak and brittle , as a a result hair can break and drop off easily.

By looking at the hair , you can also tell what nutrition person is lack of.
1) Lack of Calcium - Hair is course and dry
2) Lack of B-complex - Hair will turn grey then white
3) Lack of Iron, Bronze or Cobalt - Hair will turn yellow then white
4) Lack of Zinc - Bald

What nutrition do you need ?

1) Protein - Main composition of Hair

2) B-complex - Protect the nerve system of the skin, eyes, hair, liver and digestive system.
- B5, B3 &inositol directly affect the scrap and the growth of the hair.

3) Vitamin C - Improve the blood flow of the scalp thus promote healthier hair growth.

4) Vitamin E - Increase the oxygen intake by the scalp thus increasing the blood flow.

5) Zinc - Required to synthesis with protein to form a co-nutrient that is important to hair growth..
- Zinc help to maintain a healthy level of Vitamin E in the body.
- It helps to improve the immune system thus increasing the hair growth.

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Kristian said...

Hair loss is a concern for most new weight loss surgery patients. We have heard the stories about patients losing their hair during the first year of massive weight loss. Many of us take vitamins believed to improve the health of the hair and prevent hair loss including silica complex and biotin. But here is another approach to avoiding hair loss: improved blood circulation. "Blood circulation is one hair loss cause that you can work on. By doing some of the recommend techniques listed here you can help yourself to have better hair for a longer time." Or you can try hair replacement.

Barbara said...

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Anonymous said...
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