Monday, August 27, 2007

How to recover from Sweaty Palm?

This is a common problem with many people. And because of this problem, it affects many people 's self-confidence and they do not like to shake hand with other people.

Sometime when we are nervous or in cold environment, we can also have sweaty palm.
Doctor will advise you to go through an operation, my suggestion is Don't

Many people especially ladies will also have very cold hands and feet especially in the morning.

For many of you who is suffering from those i mention above, you may try this out first before making any other decision.
Take Nutrilite Salmon Omega3 (6 - 8gel /day). After a few months, you will find your hand do not sweat that much and gives you back the warmth to your hands and feet.

There is a reason why i only recommend the Brand - "Nutrilite" for Salmon Omega3, you can read the other article on "Not all Salmon Omega3 are safe to consume"


joseph said...

How does omega3 helps the palm to sweat lesser? And also if the condition of the sweaty palm improves after a few mths, does he/she need to continue taking omega 3?

Kenneth said...

Most of the time, sweaty palm is caused by the person inability to keep the body warm.

Omega3 provide a good source of fatty acid that would help to keep your body warm and provide a cap to reduce the sweating of the palm.

Consume 2-4 gels a day will definately helps and result can be seen in just 2-3mths time.

He or she will still have to continue take it unless he/she change his/her diet and good quality fatty acid can be provide thru the food.

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