Saturday, September 6, 2008

How to recover from Diabetes?

The main cause of Diabetes is the lack of vitamin B6 in our body. Because of this, the breaking-down of some of the amino acid in our body cannot be completed. Since Vitamin B6 is easily destroy by heat while we cook the food, it is very difficult to meet our daily needs without taking supplement.

With the lack of B6, the amino acid will turn into another type of substance. which will affect the function of pancreas.

At the beginning, the pancreas will produce a lot of insulin. As we know. Insulin main job is to control the blood glucose from the blood to the cell. So when there is too much Insulin, too much glucose will be used up too quickly and it will cause us to get hungry easily.

But as time pass, the ingredient used to produce the insulin will become deplete. As a result, the production of the insulin reduce causing the blood glucose to thicken. And as blood thicken, the blood flow slow down. As a result, a person suffers from Diabetes.

Diabetes itself is not dangerous, it is the problem that will arise because of diabetes which is dangerous. Such as High Blood pressure , or also known as hypertension, Kidney Stones, Kidney failure, etc.

Nutrition you require :-
1) Protein - 1 scoope, 2 times /day
2) B-complex - 3 tablets, 3times/day
3) Vitamin C - 3tablets, 3times/day
4) Calcium-Mag - 2tablets, 3 times/day
5) Lecithin-E - 4tablets, 1time/day
6) Garlic & Licorice- 2tablets, 2times/day
7) Salmon Omega3 -2tables. 2times/day

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