Friday, August 17, 2007

Nutrition for Night-Shift Worker

Other than the 3 meals, they should add another meal - supper.

Because they usually operate under light, their eye get t fatigue easily. T Therefore, nutrition for the eye is essential. Their diet should be rich in Protein and Vitamin A.

Other than Supplement, Food like:
Animal intestine, egg, fish, fish oil, milk, , Soya bean and vegetable are great source too.


Ed Coburn said...

We recently posted a piece on foods to eat to increase or decrease alertness (help you get to sleep) that might be of interest. It's posted at

Ed Coburn
Executive Director
National Shiftwork Information Center

kPg said...

My move to the night shift will start in a couple of weeks. I don't know what to feel! I'm excited, but I'm also scared. I've written about the advantages and disadvantages of working the night shift. I hope you check it out and leave me some tips on how to survive the big change. Thanks!

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