Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to lose weight without suffering?

Many people want to lose weight but yet want it the easy way. Therefore many start to take diet replacement meals, carbohydrate blocker, etc. But ask your self, does it really works?

My answer is YES but the moment you stop taking , your weight comes back again.

How can one lose weight without suffering?
There are 3 forms of nutrients that we needed to convert to energy.
i) Carbohydrates
ii) Fats
iii) Protein

Carbohydrates take about 2 hours to digest fully. Example: If you are ate a plate of fried rice for lunch, by the time it reach 3pm, you feel hungry again. And during these period, if you cannot use up the energy, it will be converted and stored as fat.

Fats on the other hand will take about 3-4 hours to digest fully therefore compare to carbohydrate, your energy level will last longer.

Protein is among all the best source of energy as it will take 6hours and more to digest fully. That's why if you eat a huge steak, you will not feel hungry for a long time.

Tips on dieting :
1) Cut down on carbohydrate intake. Food like White Polished Rice, Noodles and mee can be reduced and possible avoided. Replace your carbohydrate source from fresh fruits and vegetable.

2) Take high protein but low fat food.

3) Stop Snacking.

4) Eat lesser per meal but increase the numbers of meals to keep the metabolism high at all times.

5) Do simple execise at least twice a week for 20mins.

6) Drink more water.

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