Monday, March 24, 2008

Your Stools tell your Health Status

Have you wonder why sometime your stools are as hard as a stone, why sometime are in funny color and sometime watery?

Here's what your stools tell you :-

Watery with no solids. Diarrhea is usually caused by bacterial or virus infection from foods or water. It can also be caused from anxiety, food allergy, drugs, or problems in the colon. This is another sign that something is wrong and the bodies are trying to clean. Try drinking extra water with vitamin C and electrolytes added to avoid dehydration.
If it continues for too long, see a doctor.

Lighter in color (pale) may indicate blockage in the bile duct or deficiency in producing bile (digestive aid). Because of the high fat content, stool may be foul smelling and sticky like clay making it difficult to flush. This is usually the result of bad absorption.

Blood (red) in the stool is an indication of colon disease, internal hemorrhoids, or parasites. Eating beets will add color to stools and urine too

Dark stools are usually from your diet of dark greens, iron supplements, or meat.

Black stools may indicate bleeding in the stomach or smaller intestine caused from an injury, bleeding ulcer, tumor, or worms.

Slimy stools contain excess mucus caused by bacteria, yeast infection, tumor, or other problems in the colon.

Healthy stool is long, round, and smooth with the texture similar to creamy peanut butter and golden brown in color. It should be slightly acidic so it floats on the surface of water breaking up soon afterwards.

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Your Urine tell your Health StatusSo from today onwards, start looking at your stools and understands what your body is trying to tell you.

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A crappy blog (lol) but very informative thank you.

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