Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nutrition for Women

All ladies want to stay young forever but all good thing come with a price.

To stay beautiful, there is a few things that a women need to watch out.
1) Retain the water content in the body
2) Help the body detox better
3) Prevent the skin from drooping.
4) Clean and clear skin.

Food they need to avoid :-
1) Oily & Deep Fried food
2) Processed food like fast food, canned food
3) Icy Drink

Supplement to take :-

1) Protein - this is the most important nutrient a lady need. It is the main ingredient for support and repair.
2) B complex - To help to control oil and blood flow within the skin.
3) Vitamin C - To prevent free-radical.
4) Calcium Mag - Lady tends to lose calcium easily.
5) Lecithin E - Help to increase the skin turnover.
6) EPO - It is a very good nutrient for woman well-being.
7) Co-Q 10 - Help to improve the blood circulation.

For women, look out for the life stage which is every 8 8th years - 8yrs old, 16 yrs old, 24yrs old, 32 yrs old, ........ goes on. During these year, take care of the body, give your body all the nutrient it need. Because during this period, the body will do a full detox of the body.

If you take care during these period, you will find that you will not get ill easily and will not aged much for the following 7 years . But if that year you do not take Care of your body, you will aged very fast for the next 7 years.

Note: For guys is every 7 th years.

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