Friday, August 10, 2007

Daily Good Diet Habit

1) Have a cup of Plain Water at room temperature every morning right after washing up. (it's good for the intestine, people with weak stomach should also practice this)

2) For people with weak stomach , add a bit of apple vinegar to your breakfast.

3) Try to have only one type of meat per meal.. Do not mix the meat especially Beef with pork. Beef and pork in the stomach will result toxic in the body.

4) Drink soup before the meal. Avoid drinking soup during or after meal.

5) Chew the food fully. At least 50 time before swallowing.

6) For people who are not involve in heavy and energy intense activities, they should reduce their carbohydrate intake from Rice, bread and noodle Instead they can get their carbohydrate from Vegetable and fruits.

7) Avoid eating any food 4 hours before sleep.

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