Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why Supplement?

Ask yourself what you have been eating the past few days?
Processed food, fast food, jerk food.......

In today fast pace world, we no longer have much chance to choose healthier food.
Did you really supply enough nutrient for the body?
The Answer is NO!!! impossible. Unless you are rich and retired.

BCC news once reported if you spend $1 in prevention, you will save $8 in treatment in future.
I think this is quite true, tell me how much does it cost for a simple operation for a heart-attack patient, how much does the medicine cost for a person with high-blood pressure, How much will you spend on a treatment for cancer....

That's why, we need supplement to provide quality nutrient for your body and it should stand only 30-40% what your body need. The rest of the nutrient will still depend on your food. So choose your food wisely.

So what do our body need?
The most important nutrient for the body is first the Protein and B-complex, second comes the Vitamin C and Calcium Mag. Next is the Lecithin-E.

Still not convince? View this clip to understand why?


David said...

Many consumers of nutritional supplements do not realize that there is an impending danger to their Right to take nutritional supplements. Codex Alimentarius, or 'Codex' for short, a part of the Central American Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA, could result in an international body, the World Trade Center (WTC), restricting or banning the personal use of nutritional supplements under the ‘harmonization’ of international standards. Supplement use is severely restricted in many European countries. To prevent this from happening here, consider supporting Dr. Ron Paul in his quest for the presidency of the United States. Ron Paul knows that individuals have rights and, as a Congressman, has introduced legislation to protect people's right to take nutritional supplements. Check it out at http://www.ronpaul2008.com/

Joseph said...

Our bodies do need vitamins and enzymes, and other nutrients to prevent certain diseases. Nutritional trends are emphasizing preventive medicines, rather than cures. Nutrients have a vital role to play in prevention. But vitamins, minerals and other nutrients all have to be taken together in order for them to work properly. There are certain enzymes which help in the assimilation of certain vitamins. That is why it is good to take a multi-vitamin formula, like MutliVescence, made from all natural sources, so that our body can absorb these well. http://www.newvitality.com/shop/multivescence.aspx

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